Everyone has a beautiful voice


Petteri Mansikka is a voice pedagogue, teacher, musician and an event production freelancer from Joensuu, Finland.

They have graduated with a Bachelors of Culture and Arts in Music Pedagogy from Karelia UAS (2019)

  •  BA Music Pedagogy - Major: Pop/Jazz Singing and Voice Pedagogy

They have started their Master-level studies 2023 at Metropolia UAS (Helsinki) in Music Pedagogy.

A Member of FINNATS (Finnish Association of Teachers of Singing)

Modern Voice Pedagogy

I feel that the most important thing for me as a teacher, is to support student's own persona, learning process and goals. My role is to offer tools for an individual's needs and support their growth as a singer.

As a teacher, I believe that voice pedagogy has to be based on current scientific evidence and on modern learning models. I strongly believe, that as a teachers, we need to regularly educate ourselves and keep up with the current studies of voice and pedagogy.

In my teaching, I combine and utilize principals, views and exercises from multiple sources to my own teaching experience. 

  • Methods and models (such as Estill Voice Training, Balance in Phonation, Complete Vocal Technique), 
  • Conferences and courses 
  • Literature and scientific studies 
  • Voice teacher colleagues


As a voice teacher, I commit to Safe Space principles and FINATS principles for "Best Practice for Voice Lessons for Teachers and Students".

Best Practice for Voice Lessons for Teachers and Students

  • Everyone is entitled to sing and make music. Everyone's voice is of equal value.
  • You are encouraged to authentically and freely express yourself in a voice lesson.
  • Lessons are safe space for everyone to challenge themselves and to learn new things.
  • Every learner is unique and valuable
  • Voice lessons must always be learner focused. Everyone is taught and treated equally.
  • Everyone can learn, develop and advance their singing skills.
  • Pedagogical choices in voice lessons must support the learner's well-being.
  • The Teacher, too, has the right to express their personality.
  • The teacher acknowledges their position of power and actively supports and encourages the students.
  • Students are encouraged to develop their agency as part of voice lessons to become more active learners and nurture their creative thinking.
  • Our voice is a vital and intimate part of us. The singing voice as an instrument must be treated with respect.
  • Singers are their own instrument. As psycho-physical beings our mind-body connection must be acknowledged.
  • Teachers agree to speak about their student's voice in a positive manner and with respect for individuality, confidence and self-esteem.
  • We agree to be respectful and body positive with out students and colleagues. Permission is always required before physical touch.
  • Voice lessons provide a learning environment for both the teacher and student to give and receive constructive feedback.